ELWAY – “Better Whenever” Record Review!

The sun is slowly setting here in Milan, in this quiet early November afternoon; I’m sitting on the terrace listening to the latest album of a band called Elway, entitled “Better Whenever” (Red Scare Records 2015).

El Way is an American punk rock band from Fort Collins, Colorado and “Better Whenever” is their third album after “Delusions” (Red Scare, 2011) and “Leavetaking” (Red Scare, 2013). In this last work, it’s like  the band has mixed their beautiful  punk rock sound with indie rock; musically, the album gives more attention to details, with more beautiful and attractive guitar riffs, leaving to the bass guitar a classic punk role and offering slower tracks such as the title track “Better Whenever”.
The album starts with the beautiful “Our lady of the Thompson River” with a great guitar riff and good rhythmic sections, followed by “Albuquerque Low”, one of the best tracks of the album:
“Before you go, I promise you’ll commit my bones
To the salty sand and stone on the gulf of mexico
And When the tide rises to baptize the shore
Let the wind take me home via Albuquerque low “.

As said before, the quiet “Better Whenever” relaxes the atmosphere talking about the passing of time and the desire to get back someone important who’s  been lost in time; I personally love the lyrics in the second part of the song:

“So grab your bike, a car, a train, or plane
And just get back to me
Or I can drive or pay for flights
Meet me anywhere tonight
I’ll bring beers or books or songs
I’ll sing and you could sing along
Or sit and smoke or laugh or cry
Pull the hair back from your eyes
Have another drink with me
We’ll toast to our obscurity
You’ll lean in and I’ll calm down
I’ll hemorrhage my neuroses out
If you would let me stick around
I’ll follow you all the way down
And I’ll tell you like you never knew
How good it feels to breath and speak
And hear and see and live and love with you

I’ll get better whenever”.


“Lunatic thirteens” is another very interesting piece that talks about the funeral of an old friend  (Jazmine), asking her what happened and how it went until the end.

“Before you left did you say all you wanted to?
Before you died did you do all you meant to do?
Could you look it in the eyes when it came for you?
Tell me how it ends”.

The record goes on between slower and faster songs, keeping as main themes: the journey, the distance, the loss of an important person and the passing of the time.
“Is it one of her regrets
The nights we spent drinking vodka and smoking cigarettes?
Can I ever get it back
The feeling That I have found, everything That I lack? ”

The last track is called “Delano”; a song about tour life, travels, sleeping in the basement of unknown people, and about that girl, who always come back.

“Fear is an empty glass in an empty bar
Opposite the girl you’ll never have
She asks if I ever feel like I’ll disappear
Well, I’ve been battling my irrelevance for years”.

This is definitely one of the best albums I’ve heard lately.
There’s not a song that dosn’t deserve to being heard and appreciated, especially for the great ability of Tim Browne to write direct and emotionally involving lyrics.

If you like The Menzingers, Elway is your next favourite band!


SATURDAY 24 of October 2015, THE MANGES + The Ponches live in MILAN!

This next Saturday you can’t miss two of the most interesting ramones-style/punk rock bands of Italy: The Manges & The Ponches!


It will be a punk rock night at “COX18” a squat in the middle of Milano city center near to Porta Genova metro station; Cox18 is situated in “Via Conchetta, 18, 20136 Milano”.

Melodic Punk Rock blog will be there!

The show will start at 23:00 h.


see you at the pit!

The MENZINGERS – “Rented World” record review!

Here we are again on melodic punk rock blog, to talk about bands, punk rock and new releases!
This week, it’s time for one of my favorite bands of recent times!

Gentlemens and ladies here we are with The Menzingers and their last record “Rented World”! (Epitaph, 2014).


The Menzingers are a melodic punk rock band from Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA;  since 2006 they’ve released 4 studio album:

  • A Lesson in the Abuse of Information Technology (2007),  [Really Punk Rock]
  • Chamberlain Waits (2010),    [Really Punk Rock with some more melodic songs]
  • On the Impossible Past (2012),  [The revelation of new american rock soul, with pop punk elements and the best lyrics until now!]
  • Rented World (2014).

Rented World starts with “I don’t wanna be an hasshole anymore” a pop punk song talking about  bad behavior with your partner (stay out drinking with friends all night long, tell stupid lies, feeling emotionless), and the good intentions of not acting like an hasshole anymore; this song is also a true love declaration. The theme of the relationship with a partner occurs frequently in this record, including problems related to distance while being on tour with the band, and routine personal fight: “Where your heartache exists” (the second single extracted from this album), it’s the clearest example of it.

Track n.3 “Rodent” is the most punk rock song of the record and talks about personal reflections, comparing yoursef  with a rodent that hides in the walls of a house.

The sound of the record goes from punk rock to pop punk until it flows into  alternative rock, expecially with songs “Transient Love” and “Hearts Unknown” that  also touches  the theme of  today’s obsessive communication with cell phones.

“My friend Kyle” and “When you Died” return to the topic of the loss of a dear friend, that was already present in their past record: On the Impossible Past.

Notable also the first single “In Remission” and the nostalgic “Nothing feels good Anymore”.

Rented World, confirms the talent of this band to re-mix their own musical genre, album after album, without losing their original sound; It reaffirms also the skill in writing lyrics, the power of the guitars melodies and the  excellent bass guitar line that perfectly supports each track, with a great sound!

Hope you will enjoy this record and this band, also  looking at their previous records;

I fell in love with the the Menzingers two years ago and I know that every song of this band tells a harsh truth, in the best way possible!

see you next week with a new band and a new record review!

Bye my friends 😉




Can an italian band play a true punk rock music?!

Can an italian band have the respect and admiration from overseas 90’s  punk rock bands like ‘The Queers’ and ‘Screeaching Weasel’ ???

the answer is…. YES, IT CAN!

In this article, melodicpunkrock-Blog honors one of the most respected bands of the Italian alternative music scene :

The Manges, with their latest album “All Is Well” [2014 It’sAliveRecords / Monster Zero], lying exactly in my hands right now.


When you first  listening to this band, you would hardly say that they’re Italians : the sound is easily associable to The Ramones, the english pronunciation is quite remarkable, simple  and particular lyrics at the same time and above all: so much experience in the music composition. Compared to the previous albums, this record is a little more personal and  the themes of uncertainty and insecurity have been almost abandoned, leaving more space to personal thinking about love, lived life and personal discomforts. Among the best songs definitely “I tried to die young”

[I tried to die young, boy, did I try
But the voice deep inside didn’t let me succumb.
And I laugh at the things I’ve done
When I tried to die young!],

“Do not screw up the formula” and “I just wanna make you cry”. In particular, I’m in love with “Don’t screw up the formula”, which talks about an hallucinated state of mind, inside a home on saturday night, where you can see and  think strange things and animals.

The  single of this this record is a song called “Panic at the Ice Rink” that describe a seriuos dangerous situation, not so far from what happens in our sports fields every sunday 🙂

Also notable is “Don’t bet on me”

[I want peace, but I live at war
I’m a falling home made bomb
I’m the ugliest nice guy
more than  two personalities
oh darling look at me
you know what I mean!]

and the instrumental track “Topolinia”.

A  fast, simple and pleasant to listen to record, made from a band that comes from La Spezia, formed in 1993, with many beautiful experiences and “van life” to tell us.

If you want to hear something different, DO NOT miss The Manges!
Also Beautiful all their previous works!


ALKALINE TRIO – Goddamnit! Record Review


There is much talk lately of who will replace the irreplaceable presence of  Tom Delonge in  Blink182 (irreplaceable because of the blink182 three elements, all fundamentals and with  irreplaceable roles for personal characteristics that make  unique  the band itself), and recently this long-awaited, apparently definitive,  name has come: Matt Skiba.
BUT Who is Matt Skiba ?!
For true fans of the genre, Matt is a well known musician;  for the most, maybe just a possible replacement for Tom  Delonge.
Mr. Skiba is the leader, singer and guitarist of one of the coolest and special band in the world of pop punk: Alkaline Trio; this band from Chicago is also formed by three indispensable elements: in addition to the guitarrist/singer Skiba, we have Dan Andriano (Bass & vocals) and Derek Grant (Drums and back vocals). [today line up]

Since 1998 (when they released their first record) to date,  the band have built, album after album, one of the strongest fan base,  that have never been disappointed by Alkaline Trio music. Matt with his medium high voice, sometimes raucous sometimes less,  is an eclectic character,  for his personal ideologies and musical style (simple and precise, as the genre requires).
With the purpose of speaking about them, I went to fish in my records collection,  exactly their first album, released by Asian Man Records in 1998, titled “Goddamnit.”
Let’s say that as the first album, it has all the cards in order! The trio of Chicago could not show up better!
An essential album, melodic at the right point, fast drums,  bass lines above the general level of pop punk music, nice music breaks and an interesting style of writing lyrics, which will become the strongest point of this band.
In the texts of Skiba and Adriano, there’s always something direct like punk rock, but also dark and poetic at the same time. Among the  most interesting songs of the record, surely I can place “COP”, one about a friend of Skiba, who decided to join the police force; “San Francisco” (absolutely my favorite) is a love story between Chicago and San Francisco, to be overcome with a hand of alcohol.
Bassist Dan Andriano, compared to what it will be later, sings less songs than Mike on this record, and show up his voice with an acoustic song called “Enjoy your day”.
Later we find the beautiful and always appreciated “Clavicle”:

“I wanna wake up naked next to you,

kissing the curve in your clavicle.

Kissing your clavicle.

I’ve been on top of the world since about 1 week ago,

marking a time when i was drunk enough to talk to you. ”

Also wonderfuls:

– “My Little Needle” where you will surely appreciate the double voices and the drums line;

– “Southern Rock”, and the conclusive  “Sorry About That”.
Goddamnit is an absolutely an unmissable record  in your collection; this album always plays me the old style of pop punk, the real one, the one that came from the garage.

Don’t miss all the Alkaline Trio albums released after it!

So who is Matt Skiba? 🙂

here’s a really old video of  “San Francisco” maybe from the 1999.



Chixdiggit!- Safeways Here We Come RECORD REVIEW

Are you an high school pop punk addicted?

If you are, and you have been in the last 10 years, then surely you have already heard about Chixdiggit; a band formed in 1990 in Calgary, which over the years has given his fans always a easy pop punk, played with passion and experience.

After five “cult albums”  for all the fans of the genre, and a small period of inactivity, Chixdiggit went back  4 years ago with a fantastic ep called “Safeways here we come” released by Fat Mike’s legendary Fat Wreck Chord.
Fast palm mutes, simples guitar riffs and some solos accompany the funny lyrics of KJ Jansen (guitar, vocals) for the whole record; certainly the most wacky lyrics  in this job are  those in “Since you got a dog” and “Hot N Horny”.
You won’t stop singing “Found Love” after only 10 seconds of listening.

An album that takes you back to  hight school times, a period from which  Chixdiggit music have  never left out.
An irreverent and funny record , ideal to spread in you house just  smiling,  thinking about the past.

Don’t miss  their previous albums:
– Born on the First of July (1998)
– From Scene to Shining Scene (2000)
– Pink Razors (2005)

Only for true fans of the genre and eternal Peter Pans!
Very nice graphics of the digipack!




Gnarwolves – The Chronicles of Gnarnia


Take 3 skaters who love marijuana, give them a guitar, a bass and some drums … then stick on their bodies some tattoos  and load them with doses of adrenaline…. imagine their lives surrounded by little skater monsters … well my friends, you  have created the Gnarwolves;

These three boys from Brighton UK, since 2011 are  conquering the audience, stage after stage, with their explosive live performances and their sick and amazing sound;

take a base of punk pop, add it some fast, sick and discordant drums , then pop punk & post hardcore guitar riffs and wonderful palm mutes , two voices overlapping and here we are: Gnarwolves music.

Between screams of rebellion,  breath-breaking choirs and  super soft and melodic sections, the variety that their songs include, will leave you shocked….a continuous exchange between super fast  and slow sections.

Gnarwolves-4 1380161_578137725579348_919604197_n

The Chronicles of Gnarnia is a complete compilation of Gnarwolve’s first three Eps: a perfect way to approach this band!

All songs  talk about  nonconformist way of life, drink parties with friends, nights through  the streets of the city, kinds of relationships and more!

“I got Control, I got Control of my Little Life

I’m Comfortable”

All songs go from 1:40 to 2:30 minutes.

They have released their first LP now in 2014 simply called  “Gnarwolves”.

If you love, Blink182, The Used and New Found Glory, this band will give you a complete mix of all these bands…

Where Can you buy This record????





Hi everybody, here I am again talking about good music, good punk rock music!

This week, ladies and gentlemens “Useless ID”!

Useless ID is a four-piece  pop punk band formed in Haifa, Israel (yes Israel, the “always in war” Country) back in 1994.

I think it’s the only band from those sides of the world, that has managed to break into our beloved musical genre, in the entire history of music. Their talent was recognizable since  their firsts demo-albums, but once signed with KungFu records in 2001, they have really shown to handle it! Moving permanently in the US since then, they have created some true masterpieces of pop punk, which reached their top, definitely with the album “Redemption” in 2005.

Anyway…. today we will talk about  their latest job, “Symptoms”.

The album came out  almost three years ago, in the wake of the previous “The Lost Broken Bones”; it unsheathed a more melancholy and dark side of the band. This record lose the freshness of the firsts albums, and  evolve the band into a new level as musicians. The album starts with the  powerful “Live or Die” with its simple  but massive guitar riff, that offers us a classic question about the life we are living, and how it really worth living it, between the sufferings of our  thoughts … very nice the first verse,

“Hang me, I’m the hang man.Are you watching?
Are you listening to your life as it flashes right before your eyes?
Angels in the closet like the saviors to your nightmares,
When you’re chasing all the demons in your head, you did. ”
Following the rock’ n ‘roll riffs of “Before It Kills” introduces us to a fast, outspoken track, which maintains the theme of the previous one, comparing the existential malaise to a cancer that will never die, but  slowly killing us, day after day.
The notes are slightly less strong with the song “Normal with you” from which, the main theme of  the album will focus on a relationship that perhaps have devastated Yotam Ben-Horin (singer and bassist of the band).


“Erratic”, still speaks of personal discomfort, in a possible state of resignation … “I was a misfit in my youth I thought I Knew everything but I admit, That I used to wallow in shit …. Down, over the low , There’s always something on my nerves That gets me so erratic. ”

The record goes on with “Manic Depression” and  “Sleeping with knives” always through the same line.
The title-track  of the album softly arrives and catch you: “Symptoms” is a  beautiful love song, with a relaxing sound, especially thanks to the vocal line; it’s a pleasant surprise in a  so suffered and emotionally devastated album like this one:

“I…. I want your love
I want your pain
I want your symptoms”

The rebellion to this state of depression arrives with the song “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” and the  more focused “New Misery” fully directed to this hypothetical partner that makes us live badly.

Musically quieter “Waiting for an accident” that remains focused on this killing love story …

“I still miss you sometime,
But I can not be with you. ”
This Useless ID last record  ends with “Fear in The Mirror” and the fantastic “Somewhere”, that closes the whole album and its predominant theme, with a sweet guitar and a vocal line that will  excite you…

“Somewhere down the line
there’s to place for you and I…
But it may take sacrifice
I’m aware and it scares me inside. ”

Despite the entire record talks about depression and  heart problems, I can assure its fluent and pleasant to listening too;

It needs some more play to be really appreciated, but the perfect sound of the guitars and the melodic voice will help you to listen and listen to it again and again!




The Copyrights – Report RECORD REVIEW


Have you ever heard about this band?

The Copyrights are a pop punk band from Illinois, Usa, formed back in 2002.

They have already recorded 6 studio albums and 5 Ep’s!

Report is their last record (2014), released by Red Scare Industries, after a previous Ep called “No Knocks”  released by Fat Wreck Chord, some months before which anticipated the two possible singles of Report itself.

I would like to define this album a collection of “fast discontent people’s anthems”. None of the songs in this record reach 3 minutes in lenght and each song shows the ability of the band, writing never dull, and well structured  songs!

The record start with a song called “Slider”: a clean guitar riff  whisks you away into a relaxing feeling, suddenly interrupted by a fast two chord guitar, that will suddenly bring you in a punk rock mood! This song gives you the firsts questions…

Next  song is “Heart of Glue” speaking of personal behaviors of those who want to be alone: “you’ve got everything you need to be alone” followed by “Telescope” and “Stuck in the Fall”;

One of the best catching songs of the album is surely the following “This World is Such a Drag” with its anthem “Heart wants what a heart can’t get, this world is such a  drag”…I really like the instrumental interlude!

Accept the failure in life or having a change? “Keep the Change” will give you other questions.


Adam Fletcher – singer and bass player of the band


“No Knocks” is the first single of the record, title track of the Fat Wreck Chords Ep, is the the greatest song of the record: nice rhythm, the right melody, an interesting lyric:

The tracklist continues with well done pop punk songs, of which “The New Frontier” and “Basement” surely deserve more attention; “The unsatisfied hearts will bring the new frontier”….


As anticipated at the beginning, this collection of “discontent people’s anthems” realize one of the most interesting pop punk album of the last two years…guitars have a particular sound, clean and maybe less powerful than their previous albums … the lyrics are definitely more particular, and as always  well done;

anyway, I really recommend you to listen also the old records of the Copyrights, never predictable, never  boring… you will fall in love with this band because this is the real pop punk band that we need in these years!



Otherwise, the cheapest price on internet:


The Loved Ones – Build & Burn RECORD REVIEW


In today’s world of punk rock music, there are not so many bands that convince us in all aspects; there are sincere and true bands, there are bands with a beautiful sound, there are technically prepared bands , there are deeper bands, there are most exciting bands, some bands sound more punk, some others sound more rock.
“The Loved Ones” are all these things put together.

I fell in love with this band listening their first record “Keep your Heart” some years ago…

Their second release “Build & Burn” (2008, Fat Wreck Chords) definitely conquered me.

It’s a record about faith, faith in yourself, faith in your life, in your job, in your family. Obviously it questions everything, because everything that we build day by day, in one moment may be destroyed or burned away.


The tracklist of this record is very fast!

“Pretty Good Year” is the first punk rock song: Dave House starts singing louder and playing his guitar like a rocket in the air, while the rest of the band is waiting for the right moment to join! Pretty fast song, it speaks about working, making money,start to go down and feeling sad, than try to reinventing happines. It’s followed by “The Inquirer” a song that speaks of our presumed or suspected mental stability, state of paranoia and motivation in life; really like this one! guitars sounds fresh and aggressive at the same time.

“The Bridge” is the first single extracted from this record. It’s a very rhythmic and easy listening song but with a great meaning: the bridge represents everything we built in life, in years and years of hard work, and in one moment may not mean anything for us:

“On the bridge made of stone
Stands a man all alone
The bridge was his motivation
It worked him to the bone
With every nail that he drove, it drove him farther from his own
In his punishing isolation, but the bridge just feels like home

She didn’t feel quite the same
She despised the bridge and who he became
She left in devastation
She left him there in shame

He said, “I don’t understand, this was not part of the plan…”
But it got lost in the translation
Like a castle made of sand”…

dscf8113-1 Dave-Hause

“Sarah’s game” speaks about the classic woman who likes to play with mens, at work, going out in the  evening; obviously feels lonely and loveless, but can not stop playing. Musically, I really like  the interlude.

Follow a sad love song “Brittle Heart”: great sound and rhythm; “You build me up inside your brittle heart, and I just burned down everything”.

“Selfish Masquerade” is a song about lying to your partner saying is everything alright, when it’s not…

“I’ll tell you what you want to hear…. it comes easily to me”.

Next song is one of my favourites of the record: “3rd Shift” speaks about  mother advices to her son, to avoid  the dark sides of life, and bad friends.  The records ends with “Louisiana”, “Dear Laura” and the quite “I Swear” a nice love song.

Bass lines in all the record are sick, Dave House voice always perfect and never dull lyrics. Solo guitar by David Walsh (ex The Explosion) is full-bodied and melodically engaging. I like the packaging and the black and white pictures inside. After this work the band has released one more EP in 2009, and Dave House has released two solo albums,  that I recommend you to listen to; in any case, the Philadelphia punk rock quartet is still active, and I hope they will soon release a third full length album!


“SARAH’S GAME” Live Video




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